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Welcome to Dara Thai Massage's new Blog Page here in Whitburn, West Lothian.

Here we will keeping you our clients up to date with monthly massage promotions and new products & services

This month we have emailed all our current client list with a £10 discount that can used for their next massage booking during the month of September 2023. (only redeemable this September)

Dara Thai Massage would like to say thank you to all our customers and too show our appreciation we are now Launching a New Massage Customer Loyalty Programme.

How will it work -

For every massage booking customers make they will be rewarded with 20 loyalty points.

When customers reach 100 points they can redeem them for a 10% discount of there next massage booking, or continue to accumulate them.

The Loyalty Program will be reviewed continuously and subject to change at our digression to ensure it rewards our regular massage clients in the best way possible

Relaxing Massage

We hope that you are all enjoying our treatments and that this new loyalty program gives a little reward back to you our regular clients.

Click the link above to book your appointment and start earning your loyalty points

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